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Members of BTRA are individuals or legal entities that are established in the Benelux and that practise the manufacturing and/or merchandising of goods intended for travel retail sales in the Benelux.

The membership implies commitment to all decisions that are effective within the general meeting, namely the statutes and the regulations.

The membership can only be granted if the nature of the company and the way of managing the business are considered to be compatible. A request to be accepted as a member has to be addressed in writing to the secretary, who informs the board and the members without delay. The board decides within two months if the request will be complied with, after which period the members are informed. The secretary informs the result to the applicant without delay, and in writing. If the board declines the request, the applicant has the right of appeal with the general members' meeting for one month after date of the letter. In the next general members' meeting the decision concerning the appeal is made, however not within two weeks after its submission.

The membership ends by:

  • Cancellation, by registered mail to the secretary;
  • Discontinuation of the company or bankruptcy of the member involved.
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